Same Sex Marriage to Boost Economy?

imgres-1In an extremely interesting article written by Jerome Nathaniel, we see another idea as to why same sex marriage should be legalized. Nathaniel states that gay marriage is good for the economy, as it would increase government revenue and jobs. At first I did not really see how this could be something of actual legitimacy but upon further reading of the article I was able to comprehend yet another reason as to why same sex couples should be allowed to wed.

This is a very interesting point that would be unlikely to sway religious extremists and people who believe strongly in “American-family-values” as this argument could be made for numerous topics (i.e. drugs, prostitution, etc.). Rational people, on the other hand, are more likely to support something for financial resources than for ethical reasons, so this is an argument that could help sway some people who are against same sex marriage.

Nathaniel’s argument illustrates how successful the New York economy has been after the state approved same sex marriages last year. Nathaniel states “anywhere from 7,200 to 8,200 gay couples have wedded in the City — that’s roughly 10% of all marriages in the five boroughs. The marriages have brokered in 200,000 out-of-towners, $259 million in economic activity and $16 million in taxes.”

These statistics are very intriguing as once a same sex couple has their wedding, they will then most likely go on a honeymoon and spend more money, adding to that local economy. A same sex couple will need the same things for a wedding that a heterosexual couple would need. All of these pre/during/post wedding necessities would add up to astonishing figures that heterosexual couples pay now. Why not allow even more money to be pumped into the economy by legalizing same sex marriage? Saying no to same sex marriage just causes money to not be spent, when they should have the same right as heterosexuals’ to get married. If gay marriage were legal across the entire United States then there would be a large increase in weddings and other marital events that would cause an increase in spending.

Nathaniel also discusses how same sex couples are more likely to have two working adults in a household than traditional families. The income of same sex couples could be combined to place them in a higher tax bracket.

As Nathaniel puts it, “America has a divorce rate of 3.4 per 1000 couples. If you ever asked anyone who’s been through the divorce process, it can wind up costing more than getting married” and if heterosexuals have the right to be unhappy in a marriage, why can’t same sex couples?

My personal mentality is “live and let live.” If a same sex couple wants to marry their partner then they should not be denied. Everyone should be able to marry the person they truly love. We all have a right to try the difficult task of marriage, which many people back out of anyways. Who knows, maybe same sex couples will be better at it than heterosexual couples are.


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